Process Improvement

Deming's PDSA CycleFlow Charts Are KeyImprovement Team
Continuous improvement bogged down?
Team turnover decimating improvement efforts?
Needing a proven way to streamline processes, improve quality, and reduce costs?

Process Improvement
is the way to recapture the 15-40% of waste and inefficiencies that exist in almost any unexamined process. How you do things, whether in primary services or in the support areas, determines the results you achieve. Learn how small teams of employees can reliably produce big improvements with PKR’s proven method.
Put Process Improvement to Work:
Train Your Teams and Reap the Benefits While They Learn
  • Use real projects for hands-on training.
  • Focus team energy on high-priority processes.
  • Learn basic tools and a repeatable method that apply to any process in any setting.
  • Develop best practices, lean operations, and standards for consistent high quality.
Measure. Map. Improve.
Consultation Services

Bring in a new set of eyes to review your processes and recommend which to target for maximum return. Get advice on key measures. Receive personal support for improvement teams to assure that they follow proven methods and use the most appropriate tools to make the improvements you need.
Customized Training

Your organization is unique. You want training that matches your line of work and uses your language. PKR customizes materials and examples to optimize what your teams already know.

You want results. We train using real processes in your enterprise so that there’s no waiting for trainees to return to work and make the transfer of new learning. At the end of the training, your teams will report actual improvements.

You probably already use some improvement processes and tools. We integrate proven practice from Professional Learning Communities and Action Research teams to make the most of your time, knowledge, and other resources.
“Process improvement is a core competency for 21st Century work.”

Deb Myers
Hamilton County ESC
Former Baldrige National Quality Award Judge

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About Dr. Leddick

Susan Leddick is a consultant in organization design and improvement. An effective consultant and trainer with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, Susan helps you and your team develop practical solutions based on sound theoretical principles.

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Process Improvement

Process Improvement is the basic workhorse for increasing organization performance. Based on Dr. Deming’s Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle (PDSA), PKR’s approach is a step-by-step method that has reliably produced improvements in quality, cycle time, client satisfaction, cost, and staff efficacy in hundreds of settings over the past two decades. As applicable in a state department of education as in a manufacturing plant, process improvement is a core competency for the 21st Century worker. Our approach to process improvement enhances work you may already be doing as Professional Learning Communities, communities of practice, or Action Research.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a critical leadership role, but one that often works best with consulting help.  PKR’s approach draws from a variety of sources for a straightforward and interactive planning process that challenges assumptions, capitalizes on organization strengths and opportunities, and formulates goals and strategies that re-invigorate outdated thinking.  Strategic Planning is most effective when it follows design, but many organizations use it as a stand-alone practice.

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Service Design

Service Design is an exciting new development for all service providers. Service Design helps design teams get more focused on the client, think more broadly about the client's experience with the service, speed up the development cycle, and encourage more innovation. New tools and design practices tailored especially for the creation or redesign of new or existing services can be transferred to other service projects.

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Organization Design

Organization Design is for two kinds of situations: the need to create a brand new organization (whole or part) and the need to make a fundamental shift from the organization of yesterday to one more suited to today and tomorrow. In the second situation, leaders find their organization’s context changing so rapidly that new functions, structures, and processes are called for. A pivot from the past to the preferred future is the essence of organization design. Organization Design entails problem formulation, design, and implementation planning. It is based on what people want, not what they want to get rid of. The theory base is social systems.

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