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Translating Theory Into Practice

Profound Knowledge Resources, founded in 1991, assumed the mission of making the teachings of fundamental theorists such as W.E. Deming, R.L. Ackoff, and Jamshid Gharajedaghi accessible and applicable to people working in all kinds of organizations.

Although its roots are in Dr. Deming's philosophies, the company continues to refine its methods and expand its capacities by linking with other theorists. PKR, Inc. is in the business of translating theory into practice for leadership teams intent on improvement and innovation.

At PKR, Inc. we specialize in consultation that respects every organization’s unique situation and context for a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors. The company has served manufacturing firms; public school systems; educational service agencies; government agencies at the local, state and federal levels; a trucking company; car dealerships; communities; health care providers; child care organizations; and many others. PKR, Inc. and its Network of colleagues are committed to learning, staying at the leading edge of developments in organization design and improvement.

About Dr. Leddick

Susan Leddick is a consultant in organization design and continuous improvement and President of Profound Knowledge Resources, Inc., a consulting and training firm. She was an original contributor to the Transformation of American Industry national community colleges training project and co-author of the Total Quality Transformation® training materials.

She has worked with diverse clientele: from manufacturing firms to colleges, car dealerships, child care agencies, government agencies, hospitals, trucking companies, and school districts. Her primary work today is with the public education system. In addition to her consulting experience, she has been a high school teacher, an ABE/GED instructor, a community college administrator, a corporate director of quality and training for a manufacturing firm and a training coordinator for a state commerce department. These roles give Dr. Leddick multiple perspectives on the many difficult issues organizations face as their markets, customers, workforces, products and services change. She has helped several groups of leaders to effect entire organization redesign.
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